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Waxing Treatment

Waxing reduces hair growth when performed at every four to five weeks. While shaving crops the hair at the skin’s surface, waxing pulls it out by the root, so it grows back softer, finer, and thinner. Waxing is great for those who are tired of the hassle of shaving several times per week. The more you wax; the less hair grows back.

Hair Removal Cream Treatment

This hair removal cream service is for those individuals who don’t like the idea of their unwanted hair being put out from the roots; who want to feel special without the pain that waxing can offer. The Hair removal cream is purchased on our shop and bought in for every treatment you want to receive. Once the cream is purchased you take it home with you and you can do the treatment at home yourself if you don’t come in for that special ‘me time’

Booking Deposit

Booking or reservations for treatment is required.