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What do you need to start your beauty business from home? Part 2

2: Think about the procedure you’re going to offer.
I offer to wax, massage mainly because these are the treatments that my clients book me the most. In my area, not many female therapists do waxing treatments to male clients for me; it’s no problem, so I do get more male clients for waxing.
I hear a lot of clients telling me about the experience of going for a waxing treatment, and they believed after attending their appointment that the therapist wasn’t qualified. Think about what qualifications you have? What treatment you would enjoy doing over and over.


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Waxing and massage treatments are what I enjoy doing so I don’t do many manicures, pedicure or other treatments I was trained to do at the beauty school. I know these plenties of nail salons in my area and other high-tech salons so competing with them on treatments that weren’t my strength wasn’t going to produce for me. I tried when I first got into the beauty world, and the frustration wasn’t worth it. It’s going to be your business try to make as enjoyable as you can, and that alone will motivate you in the long run.


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You need to think about what range of treatments you want to offer. How much are you are going to spend and are you going to be able to get your money back from the products and equipment consumed? What equipment do you need? When I first started my beauty business from home, I got carried away and bought so many kinds of stuff I didn’t need. I wasted so much money.😭😭😭 With many bad experiences, I got to learn about running my business from home, I started to reduce my expedite. Are you going to get business insurance?

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Write a list of the treatments you are going to do and what equipments you will need. Get a few types of equipment to beginning with work use these few types of equipment for six months before buying loads more stuff; it will save you a lot of money and headache in the long run.

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Should a man shave or wax all his hairy body?

Should a man shave or wax all his hairy body? Is it normal? Not long ago, a man with the hairy body was seen as sexy. It was rare to see a man in a beauty salon getting waxing or shaving their hairy body. They couldn’t care less about it or finding the time to shave or wax and much less the searching through for somewhere to pay to have it done. In the days long gone a man, would go to a barber get a trim or the hair on his head cut. They were some men who did shave or wax their hairy body the religious reasons; something about getting closer to God. In some religious culture; a hairy body was considered unclean. Nowadays, man would have his body hair removed because all his mates have hair-free or a partner doesn’t like the feel of the hair in their body. Do you think men should shave or wax all their body hair?

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Men’s Reaction to Intimate Waxing

When I first started male waxing; it was all about removing unwanted chest or back hair; for gym-goers or summer bodies.

But in recent years I have noticed an increase in intimate male waxing being advertised everywhere, for this reason, salons and self-employed beauty therapists like myself are getting enquires from more confident male clients who know what they are booking ‘male intimate waxing.’ The internet is full of information about the various intimate waxing treatments available out there: back sack & crack (BSC), male Brazilian/ Hollywood.

My clients sometimes know more than me, but one question I get asked by men who contact me for waxing is; does penis waxing hurt?  Yes; intimate waxing will hurt. The pain will depend on various factors, but I have noticed men who are experiencing depression at the time of receiving waxing seem to struggle to cope with it. Even there; they have had waxing in that area before, the pain seems to be unbearable when they are struggling with personal or work-related problems. Compare to when they visit my treatment room when they state of my is in a happy mood.