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Feed Your Stitching Appetite


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Stitches beautifully executed give you confidence in the outfit you’re wearing. When I am planning to spend a bit of money on an outfit, I look at the stitching. Is stitching important? Yes, stitching is vital. It is not a minor detail. The whole outfit depends upon the stitching. You don’t want to buy a really nice looking outfit and have it unravelling two weeks later, or have some wonky stitching catching on your accessories.
So I decided to learn some basic stitches and stitching. The results are some beautiful outfits that will last a very long time. My twelve-year-old daughter is now wearing tops and dresses I wore years ago.


There are three basic stitches I use:

1.The straight stitch. This uses small stitches that are usually used on fine fabric.

2. The zig-zag stitch. This stitching is used to make neat edges for decorative stitching and to attach the binding.

3.The satin stitch.
This is a beautiful stitch when done properly (it can be a bit of a nightmare for a newbie, but practice makes perfect.) It is used in decorating shapes and can give a really classy look to an outfit.