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How to make yourself feel better (with mental health)

Suffering from mental health problems like depression, manic stress disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and others is a life – time’s battle in the mind of the sufferer. There are not adequate words that can totally explain how one feels at these moments of internal conflict and torment.

Sometimes, reading a book, watching television or speaking to a friend can give a little relief, but thoughts still keep replaying in your mind. Intense emotions of fear, anger, and disbelief are all there and so real in these moments of depression.
We reach out to loved ones, but when our mood is low we can feel ashamed to share our burden with them. We love them, we hug them, but when our mood is low, we feel ashamed sometimes to share the burden with them.
You start asking yourself what you have done to bring this on yourself.
Please listen, you have done nothing wrong. It is not your fault.

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Don’t suffer in silence. There are organisations out there that give emotional support. The Samaritans new free helpline number is 116 123. Their volunteer listeners are very kind, friendly and supportive. I used to be a volunteer listener with them.
If you feel you cannot call them then sit down in a comfy chair; take a few deep breaths, close your eyes and do this three times: imagine letting go of all those negative feelings. All of them. Release your grip on them.
Then get up and make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, and with every sip, you drink imagine receiving a loving feeling.
You are giving yourself that loving feeling. You made your drink, you did your breathing, you showed yourself that you care about you and love yourself enough to help yourself. Once you have done that why not call someone and ask how they are.