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How to dress your daughters

I have two beautiful daughters: one is 12-years-old and the other almost 10-years- old.

When they were younger, I used to dress them in matching clothing. It made life that little bit easier. No problem.

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Until the day my oldest girl asked why she always had to wear the same as her sister. She wanted to look ‘cool’ like her friends. So I had to sit down with my girls and ask them for their views and what they liked. I was surprised at how both have their own tastes in clothing. My eldest hates trousers; denim jeans especially, and she couldn’t stand dresses at time. She only wanted leggings and long tops.

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Her sister on the other loves dresses, cardigans, leggings, denim jeans (provided they don’t have ‘fashionable’ holes and tears) . Listening to my eldest, I tried my best to get her what I thought was the right stuff, she didn’t complain, but once she started secondary school she said ‘Mum, look, no more embarrassing clothes.’ And she was right. As her mother I was still seeing my 12-year-old daughter as my little baby dressing her in pink etc, etc.

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So we both agreed that she can browse through the shopping app on my phone for clothes and show me the ones she likes so when I go out shopping I can buy it for her. So usually I do the majority of their clothes shopping on my own, when they are school. It certainly saves a lot of time because when they come with me it takes forever. And now when I do take them with me it is a special occasion and a treat for us all.

Next you want buy something for you daughter or daughters ask them what want instead assuming you know what best for them, unless of course they babies and toddlers 😊