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How not to organise your wardrobe: then some thoughts on how to do it.

It’s great to have a nice, neat wardrobe. We all want it. I have tried a lot of wonderful systems and read a lot of advice about decluttering in order to make your wardrobe look like it’s on display in a classy retail showroom or boutique.

Yes, it’s a wonderful feeling to have your clothes, shoes, hats and gloves stored away in neat little draws.
But then, within a few days, we go back to not paying attention to the showroom neatness system (unless, of course, you have OCD, are a fashion stylist or fashion blogger).
A nice, neat wardrobe is great, open it and you don’t have to waste precious time searching for what to wear. But how many people really have the time to keep up with retail shop standards? Let’s be honest about this. We have busy lives; juggling work, running a business, looking after kids, doing school runs, after-school activities, cooking, cleaning, laundry, ironing and all the other stuff.

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You might do it a few times, but then organising your wardrobe like an expert goes out of the window. And that is okay because we are humans, not robots. It’s okay to have a little mess in our wardrobe and, anyway, a little mess shows our personality.
I find that going to other people’s homes is like walking into a shop. Everything is perfect and neatly placed; I am sometimes afraid to touch anything because of the level of cleanliness and neatness. I think the reason our parents who were comfortable with a little mess at home enjoyed going shopping and visiting department stores is because it was an escape. Something different from the home. My wardrobe may not be perfect for someone else, but it is perfect for me. My wardrobe- organising techniques are always changing. I never know what will inspire me while I’m staring at the messy wardrobe I have neglected for months. When organising your wardrobe you need do listen to your heart. Every outfit in there has a story to tell. When I organise mine I have sometimes put on outfits that I wore when I had loads of fun with my children. So I put them on to see if they give me those warm and happy feelings again. I do the same with outfits I wore at difficult times. Do I still have negative associations with them? If so it may be time to get rid of them. And what about those clothes I wore when I had that row (wear them again for another row?)
The clothes we wear can shape our day. They carry