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Making the most of ‘Lockdown’ : Camping in your Garden

 Coronavirus has probably put you in a lot of difficulties finding activities to do with your children. The world as we knew it seems to have stopped. The children’s routine has changed. Outings that they once enjoyed are at a standstill. Visits to museums gone, playing in the park with friends, visiting favourite arcades, going to stay with their Dad every other weekend; all cancelled. 

169B1A0F-9D97-4738-97D3-B4BBB9CCD92DSo all the entertainment is left to me. No break for Mum. So to give myself and the kids a little holiday, I pitched our tent in the back garden. Not for a few hours during the day, but doing it like we were away on holiday, a day/night thing. My kids loved it. They each prepared a scary story that none of us really paid attention to. We all wanted to twist the others’ storyline.

One didn’t like the beginning, one didn’t like the title of the story, one decided to watch YouTube just to cause sibling friction. My youngest child wasn’t happy, he said ‘it’s not fair, she is older than us and gets her story from her mobile.’E0676E96-43FC-4C89-9FE7-E04DCC6144C8

So, I decided to tell them about the titanic tragedy, how some 1,500 people died, how children were orphaned. They got interested in the Titanic, and we researched the last survivors. We spoke about coronavirus. I told them the Titanic sinking was not foreseen. It was something that happened like coronavirus. We spoke about being grateful for what we have and making the most of what we have.

We spoke about the survivors of the Titanic and how they had to come to terms with the tragedy. There are similarities between what happened over 100 years ago and what is happening now although the scale of the two is different.

We will need to change and adapt to survive.

We need to say to the universe ‘we are sorry, please forgive us, thank you and we love you’ Because our lives aren’t completely in our hands. I told them who knows what disasters will happen when you are a grown man and women with your own families. You need to learn to care  for one another, have compassion on those who are alone with no one to speak to or comfort them in times of isolation. We are all connected. I must have gone on a bit because my little boy said  ‘Mummy, we got your point, you can stop now.’

I am glad they got the point. We don’t live just for ourselves, we are part of a greater whole. Anyway, they must have enjoyed it. They want to do it for the rest of the week.

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