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Homemade Pesto

In February I started attending a cookery school and learned to make fresh pasta and two different types of sauces. I now feel very confident in making them. My kids love their pasta with green pesto so I stock up with the ingredients every time I go to the supermarket. I have basil growing on my kitchen windowsill so I can always grab a handful of leaves, but the rest is stored away carefully. If you have never made your own pesto and want to have a bash here’s what I remember from the cookery school. This may not be exactly as the teacher did it, but it is near enough. I wish I had recorded it. 😂, I have shared it with some friends and nobody has complained. In fact, I keep getting asked about it so I am posting it here.

This is what you need:

Small pinch of powdered garlic (my teacher used 1/3 fresh garlic)
Pine Nuts (I don’t weigh the amount, I just eyeball it) so use your judgment on this
Handful basil (sometimes I use parsley, the first time was by accident)
Fresh lemon juice ( one small lemon)
Virgin olive oil
Pepper ( I don’t use it, but you can if you want)
Pesto mortar
Frying pan


This is what I do:
Prepare the ingredients including washing the basil and leaving it to dry
Place the frying pan on the stove and heat it to medium heat.

Place the pine nuts in the pan; stir until it starts to reach a golden colour.

Remove from the heat and leave to cool down


Place the cooked pine nuts in the mortar and start gently crushing them. Add the other ingredients one by one.

Then place in an airtight container. If I remember right it can last for about a month in the fridge.

I’m sure once my cooking teacher gets to read this blog post, he may correct me on some stuff, but until then I will continue to do it this way. I hope you will enjoy the experience too.


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If you have a better way of making your pesto, why not share it with us?