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Should a man shave or wax all his hairy body?

Should a man shave or wax all his hairy body? Is it normal? Not long ago, a man with the hairy body was seen as sexy. It was rare to see a man in a beauty salon getting waxing or shaving their hairy body. They couldn’t care less about it or finding the time to shave or wax and much less the searching through for somewhere to pay to have it done. In the days long gone a man, would go to a barber get a trim or the hair on his head cut. They were some men who did shave or wax their hairy body the religious reasons; something about getting closer to God. In some religious culture; a hairy body was considered unclean. Nowadays, man would have his body hair removed because all his mates have hair-free or a partner doesn’t like the feel of the hair in their body. Do you think men should shave or wax all their body hair?