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The Art Of Depression

This poem was inspired by a gentleman who I supported for many years. He felt alienated from his family and his depression caused him to fear the outside world.

I can hear several voices at once; where am I?

A gentle voice calls out; ‘Help, help, save me.’

None trust me, I am alone

Trapped in my own thoughts

Fearful and terrified, day and night

Can’t sleep, paranoid, someone is calling me

No, No, someone is following me

They look like me, maybe; I am not sure

What should I do?

‘Doctor, Doctor, help me, help me.’

They can’t hear me

I suddenly drift asleep, remembering nothing;

Of the past event except for a headache

A very faint memory has left a bitter taste in my mouth

As I examine myself I see my ugly self

I am ashamed that every time I wake from;

Such a nightmare my family fearful of me

But I hear them whispering about what has happened

I look normal outside, but inside if you were to examine me

You will surely find a helpless me

Tell me, do you feel helpless at times?

Maybe, you could be my friend.


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