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How to get people to comment on your blog posts.

I have had my domain name for more than three years. I started my website because my clients asked for it, and they wanted a way to contact me easily as I am very well known for changing my contact numbers.

So, reluctantly, I got one. However, I didn’t do much with it. It was just there doing nothing. As most of you have learned from my recent posts, the coronavirus has caused me to close my beauty business. I specialised in waxing treatment. I made the difficult decision to close the business because I didn’t want my treatment room becoming a place of transmission for the virus. So, I closed the business and changed my phone number. I was disappointed, but one positive to come out of this is that I decided to develop my website by blogging.

Believe me, blogging is a lot harder than the various online tutorials say. You have to set up everything, write the blog  (and if you have writer’s block  it may be a few weeks before you publish anything.) And then when you have worked so hard on creating and writing that article or content that you think is such a masterpiece and you publish it, you have to get people to read it and leave comments to help you improve on your next post.

I found getting people to visit my website was hard. Then getting people to like my work was harder still, and then getting anyone to leave a comment was still harder.  But giving up isn’t an option for anyone who is interested in sharing valuable insights with the rest of the world.

So how do you get anyone to leave you a comment? Be honest with yourself and your readers. Ask them to give you an honest opinion so you can learn and make your writing better next time.

So I am asking you to leave your comments on my blogs. If you think a blog is a load of rubbish just say it. But if you like and appreciate it, say that as well. And please give your reasons for either viewpoint so I can learn.


Blogging For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech))`


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Oh Coronavirus

If you were a person
I would ask you,
Why have you come?
I would offer you a cup of tea or coffee
I would listen to your persisting rusty chatter
Oh Coronavirus
If you were a person
I would check your temperature
But I would be left confused as to whether you had the infection or not
Oh Coronavirus
Why have you come?
Spitting your misery and pain
Is it fun for you to watch us die?
What pleasure do you get from spreading your venom, oh coronavirus?

And because of you
face masks and gloves are a must
Schools are closed
Everything is gone
And because of you
lovers are torn apart
Families are getting less by the minute

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Oh Coronavirus
If you were a person
I would drive you out myself
I would say to you
I’m sorry for not paying attention to you earlier
I would say please forgive me for my ignorance
I would say thank you for leaving
I would love you for letting us live again.
And because you stay away life can start again


* What do you think about this poem ‘Coronavirus’? Please share your thoughts in the comments below. Thank you for your time and support. I look forward to reading your comments. *

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Training to be a Fashion Stylist

If you, like me, lost your career because of the coronavirus and are looking to train for a different career, I want to congratulate you for not giving up on yourself and for having that entrepreneurial spirit that is pushing you to create something new for yourself and others.

I have chosen to train as a fashion stylist. This is new to me. I love clothes, accessories and a good bargain. For years I looked at online courses to become a fashion stylist, but believe me, they were expensive. There was one priced at over 1,000 pounds, and that really put me off. I didn’t have that kind of money to spend so I gave up.
However, I recently saw a heavily discounted course and decided it was worth investing in.

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I find the material easy to read and very inspiring so I decided to write a blog about what I am learning and understanding. I want to have fun sharing my experience with others.
I discovered that becoming a fashion stylist does not mean you have to be born with the gift of seeing patterns and colours, you don’t have to know instantly how fabrics complement one another, you don’t even have to know how to talk about clothes. If you were born with those gifts, all I can say is I’m super jealous of you right now.

When I was a little girl, I used to draw dresses of the 1950s. I just loved doing it. Then I grew up, and instead of pursuing a career that might have been something special, I went into the beauty industry. However, I still watched all the classic movies: ‘Down With Love’ ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ ‘Coco Before Chanel etc. I loved the chic style, the class, the elegance.
I want to bring something of that passion and love for these blog posts.