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Health and Safety Work from Home

We often take it for granted when working from home the health and safety at work act 1974, I think anyone running a business needs to practice safely and to have some consideration for their clients who walking to in their home to receive service. As a beauty therapist, this is about knowing the possible risks to safety in your treatment room, what you need to do to prevent it from injuring yourself and your clients. Here are some of the things I still remember from when I was a beauty therapist student what we need to practice if an emergency happened while we were work in the college salon, we were told to always protect ourselves and others.

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What we told was:
to take reasonable care to not cause injury to yourselves or other
learn the salon’s health and safety procedures and if you are working at home you can customs it (just search online the health and safety procedure)
support one another when it came to safety situation ( if you are working from home this will be with your clients)
to attend health and safety training (working at home; you can always watch videos online on health and safety that does cost a penny
read books or articles on health and safety to help you create a tailor-made health and safety procedure for yourself
Physical Safety at home
I lucky no accident has happened, but it’s always at the back of my mind that disaster can occur; this is not just when you are giving a treatment to a client, it can happen in your driveaway, your waxing or couch, handling your stock if you are selling stuff, moving furniture in you treatment room if you are like me. I tend to move my furniture around to give it a different feel, and I have accidentally pour waxing on my toes – not right. As a self-employed, you must make the treatment room as safe as possible to prevent physical injury.