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The Leeds Family Group

Last year, I created the Leeds Family Group. I wanted to extend my children’s social skills. Being a single mum with no relatives around, I felt that my children were being disadvantaged compared to school friends who had relatives and grandparents nearby.
The only person my kids had to visit was their Dad. So the group started and we had about 30 parents interested, but not many turned up to the organised meetups. But those who did turn up loved it; both the parents and their children loved each others’ company.

I am going to restart the group when the lockdown is over. The group is like a new family and brings hope for children and parents affected by separation and divorce. The parents chat with each other and the kids chat with each other and everyone supports the other emotionally and in a spirit of friendship


There are some things I have to highlight:

1. You are responsible for your own children’s safety and security

2. There has to be respected for each other at all times. This includes the children being respectful to each other.

3. You and the children must have a genuine interest in wanting to be part of the group.

Finally, if you are interested, for a subscription of 1 a week. You can receive the latest update and find out where the next group meeting will be. You can cancel anytime.

Once you have subscribed please email me at
Put Leeds Family Group in the Subject Heading. Please tell me about yourself and kids and what activities you like to do together.

I look forward to hearing from you. Subscribe now. Speak soon.


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