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‘Fashion and personality must blend. And that is the aim of the stylist.’ Ines Newell

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Discover your personal dressing style, get the look that is uniquely yours, the look that suits your personality and tells your story.
Are you a parent who has lost that vital spark of interest in the clothes you wear?


Do you have clothes in your wardrobe that simply don’t complement your height and shape?
Do you find shopping for clothes daunting?
Have you ever bought an outfit that looked good in the store, but when you got it home something was missing?

An outfit that is well combined will complement your body and give you instant confidence.

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I believe parents are the heroes of our communities, society and the world over: but without confidence in their self-image, parents may come against a barrier which stops them from reaching their potentials.

Empowering parents through their wardrobe will instantly boost confidence.

The Little African Beauty Room has stopped offering treatments, but
‘ how to’ advice will continue in the blog posts.


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