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Banana hair-mask treatment

Have you got some overipe bananas that nobody wants to eat? Don’t throw them away. My kids love their fruits including bananas, but from time-to-time some gets left too long. When a banana or two is left over that is when I get to treat my hair.


My Afro hair is very dry, but a good  banana hair- mask provides it with much- needed vitamins B6, C and also potassium.

Bananas are known to be really good for treating your hair and scalp. They also good for preventing and controlling dandruff.


I like to give my hair a good banana hair-mask treatment in the morning before having my shower.

All you need to make one are some overipe bananas, and, if you are feeling adventurous, you can add olive oil and coconut oil.


Here is what to do:

1.Put the bananas in the blender ( adding the olive and coconut oil, if desired) Blend until it turns into a paste.

2. Apply the paste to your hair with a brush or your hands.

3.Wrap with a shower cap or cling film.

4. Leave to dry for about  20mins

4. Rinse your hair and condition as usual.

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Do you know how to increase followers on WordPress? Part 2

This is the continuation of my earlier blog. 

Another thing that is recommended to increase followers is social media. I don’t have Facebook or Instagram. But I do have Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. They are linked to my WordPress account so all my posts get shared there automatically.

When I was running my business, word- of- mouth was how I got my clients. I also went businesses networking. Meeting people face- to- face and doing voluntary jobs got me clients. As a single mum, I wanted to make effective use of my time. So when I met someone I would let them know about my business. I didn’t let shyness stop me. I would ask them if they could make use of my services. Some said ‘yes’ some said ‘no’.

I wasn’t shy, but I was authentic.
It is the same with social media. Building an authentic relationship with people will help you reduce the amount of hours you spend on social media.
You are not going to become viral in one article. It takes dedication, patience and authenticity.

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Do you know how to increase followers on WordPress? Part 1

With so many people blogging nowadays and so much amazing content out there, how can a new blogger on WordPress get followers?

I’m still learning and I would like to get more followers, but how? I like to write my own thoughts. Original content is important to me. From my recent research on blogging it seems you need to post regularly at first in order to be  successful. This worried me because I didn’t want my followers to be overwhelmed by my blogs in their inbox.

I thought about the problem and decided that the way forward was to post short content and publish it twice a week.

That way my followers were not snowed-under, and it gave me time to think about my blogs. A win-win situation. So, if you are new to blogging you might like to consider that.

The second piece of advice which I think is worthwhile is use your own images and photos. WordPress does have some free-to-use images,

and I have used them occasionally, but I think it is far more interesting for your followers if you use your own. That way your followers are tasting something of your life and experiences.

And then you have to decide the title of your post. This is a difficult one. You don’t have to decide straight away. Read through your post and think what title would reach out to me if this was some one else’s blog?  The answer will come to you. My answer usually comes when I have left the article for a while.

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Part 2’

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Don’t use baking soda for hair removal

There is quite a trend online about using baking soda for hair removal. Is it safe? It doesn’t necessarily follow that because baking soda is a cooking ingredient that it is a safe bet.

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If you have ever used it on your skin or hair you will know it can remove build-ups of oil, soap or other products that you have on your skin already. It can also be a good exfoliant when used with caution. It can be helpful, for example, in getting rid of dry skin from your scalp or lips.

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The question you need to ask yourself when venturing into using baking soda for hair removal is this: just because baking soda can be a good exfoliating agent, does that mean it is a good hair removal agent?


I have used baking soda to clean my oven and kitchen worktop, but I think using baking soda on your skin has some level of risk. Even though baking soda can be a good cleaning agent, I would tread carefully when it comes to using it on your skin. It can dry it out.  Baking soda may damage your PH balance which is about 5.5 and Baking soda PH is about 9. It is a strong alkaline.

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So far as removing unwanted hair is concerned, I have tried it. It doesn’t work for me.

I know the attraction of baking soda is that it is cheap, but my recommendation is to shave or use a hair removal cream or learn to wax your unwanted hair.

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Tips for ponytails

I love ponytails, especially in the summer months when I really don’t want to be wearing wigs all day long. ( I wear wigs in the winter and ponytails during the summer. For me it makes perfect sense.) Ponytails are practical and make a fashion statement that you are stunning even when you are wearing baggy clothes. My Afro hair is short so I have different lengths of ponytail extensions. You can get them through the links below.

I think every woman knows how to do a basic ponytail, but if you need something extra here are some tips:


1. Comb your hair (if it is Afro hair you will need to moisturise it. ) Put a hair band around your wrist. Pull your hair with one hand and with the other tie the hair together.


2. If you want to use hair gel use it now to prevent runaway hairs.

3. Take your ponytail hair extension and clip it or wrap it around your own ponytail and you are ready to go.

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16″ Human Hair Ponytail Extension 100% Remy Real Wrap Aronud Tie Up Binding Drawstring One Piece Clip in Hair Extension Hair Pieces for Women Straight


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