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Make money by writing for magazines

My friend who is an established writer was telling me how she made money when she first started writing. I decided to follow what she did. I am sharing it with you. It won’t make you rich, but you will earn a bit while slowly establishing yourself as a blogger and growing your followers.

She told me about the ‘Tips’ and ‘Filler’ pages in magazines. Magazines need writers to contribute tips and fillers.

They are a good avenue for bloggers because when you write your blog you are sort of doing the same thing.

With a magazine, the word count is usually fewer than 100 words. You are probably doing more than that already so you have the material and will have to cut it.

I remember sending my first tip to ‘Myweekly’ and getting a letter with a cheque for £25.

I was so nervous walking to the supermarket to buy a copy of the magazine and then checking the page to see my little piece of writing.  Another woman picked up a copy. This made me so excited and I started telling her that I had written the tip on such and such a page. She was kind enough to say ‘I look forward to reading that section.’

I don’t write tips and fillers that regularly, but I have written to many different women’s magazines and have been published. But the rejections hurt. After my first published piece, I got too confident for my own good, and I didn’t research other magazines as well as I had with my first success. So I got about 6 rejections in a row and then I learned my lesson.

Each magazine has its own audience. Their readers buy the magazine because it speaks the language of its readers and your fillers and tips have to adapt to that language.

There are many magazines from around the world and they pay from £10 to £60 depending on the publication.

So if you’re looking to make money that isn’t related to an online scam just read through your favourite magazine and look for the page that invites readers to send in fillers, tips or photos for publication. The more tips you write the more your brain starts coming up with new ideas.

Here’s a picture of the last tip I had published by ’Pick Me Up’ magazine on 2nd May 2019.



Click on Link to get your copy


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Do you know how to increase followers on WordPress? Part 2

This is the continuation of my earlier blog. 

Another thing that is recommended to increase followers is social media. I don’t have Facebook or Instagram. But I do have Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. They are linked to my WordPress account so all my posts get shared there automatically.

When I was running my business, word- of- mouth was how I got my clients. I also went businesses networking. Meeting people face- to- face and doing voluntary jobs got me clients. As a single mum, I wanted to make effective use of my time. So when I met someone I would let them know about my business. I didn’t let shyness stop me. I would ask them if they could make use of my services. Some said ‘yes’ some said ‘no’.

I wasn’t shy, but I was authentic.
It is the same with social media. Building an authentic relationship with people will help you reduce the amount of hours you spend on social media.
You are not going to become viral in one article. It takes dedication, patience and authenticity.

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Sitting on a mesh garden chair stained by old bird poo

Listening to the neighbours’ kids crying over something or other

Listening to the morning glory of birds chatting to one another

I know they’re a-chatting

One whistles and after a second or two the other whistles back

There are other birds chatting, but these two are distinct

It’s like listening to my girlfriend and me chatting

We give each other a few seconds to reply

We chat for hours over unimportant matters

We have been chatting like this for well over twenty-four years

And listening to these two birds there was something familiar

The same pitch of whistling from one to the other

I can’t see them because the garden trees now have beautiful green leaves

I have listening for about 20 minutes

No sound of them stopping anytime soon

It’s quite beautiful really

Me listening

Me being this silent for this long without uttering a word, first thing in the morning

It’s times like this I need to remind myself ‘Just listen’


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The Terrible Twos

I wrote this poem when my first child, started her terrible twos. I was frustrated and I needed to release that frustration and anger and writing poetry is how find my release. Hope you enjoyed.

Today, I have learned the meaning of patience

Today, you have tested me

Today, you refused to eat

Today, you refused to have bath

Today, I am left me feeling as if I have been wounded

Today, this powerful battle seems never-ending

Today, lunch is not on your mind

Today, dinner has made me understand why so many lose their temper

But, today, I have decided to remain calm

Yes, I feel angry

But, I know that it is not your fault

The terrible twos have kicked in.


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From Me To You

I will always love you ❤️

No matter what our differences are


My love; yes, you have opened my eyes

You have shown me life

I shall never forget you

You will always be in my thoughts.


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Do you know how to increase followers on WordPress? Part 1

With so many people blogging nowadays and so much amazing content out there, how can a new blogger on WordPress get followers?

I’m still learning and I would like to get more followers, but how? I like to write my own thoughts. Original content is important to me. From my recent research on blogging it seems you need to post regularly at first in order to be  successful. This worried me because I didn’t want my followers to be overwhelmed by my blogs in their inbox.

I thought about the problem and decided that the way forward was to post short content and publish it twice a week.

That way my followers were not snowed-under, and it gave me time to think about my blogs. A win-win situation. So, if you are new to blogging you might like to consider that.

The second piece of advice which I think is worthwhile is use your own images and photos. WordPress does have some free-to-use images,

and I have used them occasionally, but I think it is far more interesting for your followers if you use your own. That way your followers are tasting something of your life and experiences.

And then you have to decide the title of your post. This is a difficult one. You don’t have to decide straight away. Read through your post and think what title would reach out to me if this was some one else’s blog?  The answer will come to you. My answer usually comes when I have left the article for a while.

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Part 2’

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Season’s End

The sky is grey

The Earth is cold

The ground is wet

The trees are crying because the branches are cracking

The cracking branches are saying their goodbyes to the falling leaves

The wet grass embraces the dying leaves

The dying leaves have left their home until the next time

For a new season is awake.


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Love has no expiry date

Love opens dreams and imagination

Love sparkles through each heart

Love brings the magic that one longs for

Love knows no boundaries

Love can shine and make you feel invisible

Love is a potion that you find

A very rare potion, but when you find it,

It is difficult to separate it from reality

It’s the greatest degree one can acquire

Love is all one can remember you by.

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The Art Of Depression

This poem was inspired by a gentleman who I supported for many years. He felt alienated from his family and his depression caused him to fear the outside world.

I can hear several voices at once; where am I?

A gentle voice calls out; ‘Help, help, save me.’

None trust me, I am alone

Trapped in my own thoughts

Fearful and terrified, day and night

Can’t sleep, paranoid, someone is calling me

No, No, someone is following me

They look like me, maybe; I am not sure

What should I do?

‘Doctor, Doctor, help me, help me.’

They can’t hear me

I suddenly drift asleep, remembering nothing;

Of the past event except for a headache

A very faint memory has left a bitter taste in my mouth

As I examine myself I see my ugly self

I am ashamed that every time I wake from;

Such a nightmare my family fearful of me

But I hear them whispering about what has happened

I look normal outside, but inside if you were to examine me

You will surely find a helpless me

Tell me, do you feel helpless at times?

Maybe, you could be my friend.


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Sonia – I will see you again

I was 21 years old when I moved to Leeds. I had no friends, I was penniless, and I didn’t know anybody in Leeds. I questioned the wisdom of my move and cried for many nights. I struck lucky when a recruitment agency got a full- time admin job for me at Leeds Magistrate Court.

Sonia and the mouse

The job was temporary, but it gave me hope that things would improve for me in my new location.

I used to walk to work every morning and back home every evening. As I walked home one evening, I saw someone walking their dog, and I thought ‘why don’t I get a dog to keep me company?’ So one Saturday I went to the nearest RSPCA to adopt a dog. When I got there I asked, ‘where do I leave the dog when I am at work so they don’t get too lonely?’ They gave me some useful advice, but just as I was being taken to choose a dog I spotted where they kept the cats. I was curious, so I asked if I could see the cats first. There was one there missing a back paw, another without an eye, and two healthy ones. I told the person who was showing me around that I wasn’t a cat person, I was just curious. I had never been allowed to have cats at home, and I was rather fearful of them. When they came close for me to stroke them, I was petrified. But one of the cats wasn’t interested, she was walking in the opposite direction from the others. I asked if cats needed a lot of maintenance, and was told ‘no’. So without a second thought I picked up the cat who showed no interest in me and she became mine. I named her Sonia. When I was young my best friend was called Sonia; my friend wasn’t a follower, she was a leader and that is how I saw my cat. Independent and strong, and I liked that.

Sonia just passed away

When I took Sonia home for the first time, I put milk in a bowl and tuna to encourage her to come out of the carry- cage. When she finally came out she looked at me and that was the first time we looked at each other. Then she did the most amazing thing, she laid on her back so I could stroke her tummy. I was still fearful at this point, but I did it anyway. She got up, came to me and I carried her little body and placed her near her bowls so she could eat and drink. Sonia was just three- years- old. From that day on we were inseparable. She slept in bed with me, and I spoiled her as if she was my child. When my ex-husband proposed to me, I asked him to propose to my Sonia as well. I said if she meows then I will marry you. If she doesn’t then there’s no marriage. Luckily

My kids saying goodbye to Sonia

she did, and we did get married, and I have three wonderful children from the marriage. Sonia knew all my children.
This February (2020) I knew in my heart and soul that she was leaving us. I was advised that the kindest thing would be to take her to the vets. I made appointments but kept cancelling them. Many years earlier I had a very vivid dream that Sonia and I were watching television. She meowed, sat on my lap and breathed her last.


So every time I booked a vet’s appointment I felt guilty, and that I was breaking the dream. I am glad I cancelled those vet’s appointments because on February 17th  2020 at 7:29pm Sonia and I were watching a movie called ‘ Blood and Bones’ on Amazon together. She was lying next to me when she died peacefully and naturally. She is buried in my garden. I want to say ‘ thank you, Sonia, for the great memories we shared.’
And that is why I have written this post.


Pet Memory Bereavement Stone ~ Paw Prints on Our Hearts ~ 10″ x 10″ by DogPlay

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