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A Great Way to Treat Your Face

This treatment is suitable for both men and women. But we acknowledge that it has not been proven scientifically. But many health-conscious people and beauty blogs are into it.

I got into homemade beauty treatments because of my two daughters. I wanted them to treat their skin without damaging it.

Rice flour, Egg and Coconut oil

An egg white face mask is good for treating acne, dry, oily and pallid skin.

I have to admit some of my homemade beauty and hair treatments haven’t always gone down well with my daughters 😂. I have been banned by my girls from making a particular hair gel.

They were  embarrassed when gnats were attracted by the gel. They came home from school yelling and telling me how much they hated my homemade products. So if you are using any homemade beauty or hair products on your kids make sure they don’t leave your house without first having tried them out for a reasonable amount of time.

And always  do a patch test on any homemade or purchased beauty product to make sure you (or they) are not allergic.

If you want to read about what hair products my girls banned me from using  why not leave a comment to request it. And if I get ten or more responses I will write a post about it (and whilst you are about it, please click to subscribe.)

Now, before you use the face mask I recommend that you:

1. Cleanse your skin with a good cleanser to remove any build- up of dirt or other nasties.

2. Exfoliate with your usual exfoliating product.

Here’s how to make your homemade egg, vaseline and rice flour face mask.

Whisk together in a clean bowl 1 tbsp of  coconut, 1 egg, 1 tbsp of rice flour.


1. Apply the mask to your face using a face brush or your hands

2. Leave the mask on your skin for about 10-15minutes.

3.Give your face a quick rinse with lukewarm water to open your pores and to finish with quick splash of cold water to close the pores.

4. Pat dry.

5.Moisture your face as usual.

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Make money by writing for magazines

My friend who is an established writer was telling me how she made money when she first started writing. I decided to follow what she did. I am sharing it with you. It won’t make you rich, but you will earn a bit while slowly establishing yourself as a blogger and growing your followers.

She told me about the ‘Tips’ and ‘Filler’ pages in magazines. Magazines need writers to contribute tips and fillers.

They are a good avenue for bloggers because when you write your blog you are sort of doing the same thing.

With a magazine, the word count is usually fewer than 100 words. You are probably doing more than that already so you have the material and will have to cut it.

I remember sending my first tip to ‘Myweekly’ and getting a letter with a cheque for £25.

I was so nervous walking to the supermarket to buy a copy of the magazine and then checking the page to see my little piece of writing.  Another woman picked up a copy. This made me so excited and I started telling her that I had written the tip on such and such a page. She was kind enough to say ‘I look forward to reading that section.’

I don’t write tips and fillers that regularly, but I have written to many different women’s magazines and have been published. But the rejections hurt. After my first published piece, I got too confident for my own good, and I didn’t research other magazines as well as I had with my first success. So I got about 6 rejections in a row and then I learned my lesson.

Each magazine has its own audience. Their readers buy the magazine because it speaks the language of its readers and your fillers and tips have to adapt to that language.

There are many magazines from around the world and they pay from £10 to £60 depending on the publication.

So if you’re looking to make money that isn’t related to an online scam just read through your favourite magazine and look for the page that invites readers to send in fillers, tips or photos for publication. The more tips you write the more your brain starts coming up with new ideas.

Here’s a picture of the last tip I had published by ’Pick Me Up’ magazine on 2nd May 2019.



Click on Link to get your copy


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Do you know how to increase followers on WordPress? Part 2

This is the continuation of my earlier blog. 

Another thing that is recommended to increase followers is social media. I don’t have Facebook or Instagram. But I do have Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. They are linked to my WordPress account so all my posts get shared there automatically.

When I was running my business, word- of- mouth was how I got my clients. I also went businesses networking. Meeting people face- to- face and doing voluntary jobs got me clients. As a single mum, I wanted to make effective use of my time. So when I met someone I would let them know about my business. I didn’t let shyness stop me. I would ask them if they could make use of my services. Some said ‘yes’ some said ‘no’.

I wasn’t shy, but I was authentic.
It is the same with social media. Building an authentic relationship with people will help you reduce the amount of hours you spend on social media.
You are not going to become viral in one article. It takes dedication, patience and authenticity.

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Do you know how to increase followers on WordPress? Part 1

With so many people blogging nowadays and so much amazing content out there, how can a new blogger on WordPress get followers?

I’m still learning and I would like to get more followers, but how? I like to write my own thoughts. Original content is important to me. From my recent research on blogging it seems you need to post regularly at first in order to be  successful. This worried me because I didn’t want my followers to be overwhelmed by my blogs in their inbox.

I thought about the problem and decided that the way forward was to post short content and publish it twice a week.

That way my followers were not snowed-under, and it gave me time to think about my blogs. A win-win situation. So, if you are new to blogging you might like to consider that.

The second piece of advice which I think is worthwhile is use your own images and photos. WordPress does have some free-to-use images,

and I have used them occasionally, but I think it is far more interesting for your followers if you use your own. That way your followers are tasting something of your life and experiences.

And then you have to decide the title of your post. This is a difficult one. You don’t have to decide straight away. Read through your post and think what title would reach out to me if this was some one else’s blog?  The answer will come to you. My answer usually comes when I have left the article for a while.

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Part 2’

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How to get people to comment on your blog posts.

I have had my domain name for more than three years. I started my website because my clients asked for it, and they wanted a way to contact me easily as I am very well known for changing my contact numbers.

So, reluctantly, I got one. However, I didn’t do much with it. It was just there doing nothing. As most of you have learned from my recent posts, the coronavirus has caused me to close my beauty business. I specialised in waxing treatment. I made the difficult decision to close the business because I didn’t want my treatment room becoming a place of transmission for the virus. So, I closed the business and changed my phone number. I was disappointed, but one positive to come out of this is that I decided to develop my website by blogging.

Believe me, blogging is a lot harder than the various online tutorials say. You have to set up everything, write the blog  (and if you have writer’s block  it may be a few weeks before you publish anything.) And then when you have worked so hard on creating and writing that article or content that you think is such a masterpiece and you publish it, you have to get people to read it and leave comments to help you improve on your next post.

I found getting people to visit my website was hard. Then getting people to like my work was harder still, and then getting anyone to leave a comment was still harder.  But giving up isn’t an option for anyone who is interested in sharing valuable insights with the rest of the world.

So how do you get anyone to leave you a comment? Be honest with yourself and your readers. Ask them to give you an honest opinion so you can learn and make your writing better next time.

So I am asking you to leave your comments on my blogs. If you think a blog is a load of rubbish just say it. But if you like and appreciate it, say that as well. And please give your reasons for either viewpoint so I can learn.


Blogging For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech))`


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What do you need to start your beauty business from home? Part 2

2: Think about the procedure you’re going to offer.
I offer to wax, massage mainly because these are the treatments that my clients book me the most. In my area, not many female therapists do waxing treatments to male clients for me; it’s no problem, so I do get more male clients for waxing.
I hear a lot of clients telling me about the experience of going for a waxing treatment, and they believed after attending their appointment that the therapist wasn’t qualified. Think about what qualifications you have? What treatment you would enjoy doing over and over.


Deo 1000cc White Fast Heat Professional Wax Electric Heater Warmer Pot – Waxing Leg Body for Beauty Therapist Salon College Student

Waxing and massage treatments are what I enjoy doing so I don’t do many manicures, pedicure or other treatments I was trained to do at the beauty school. I know these plenties of nail salons in my area and other high-tech salons so competing with them on treatments that weren’t my strength wasn’t going to produce for me. I tried when I first got into the beauty world, and the frustration wasn’t worth it. It’s going to be your business try to make as enjoyable as you can, and that alone will motivate you in the long run.


Yaheetech Large Beauty Salon Shelf Cart, Metal Salon Trolley Cart Spa Storage Tray Therapy Dentist Hairdresser Treatments Storage Rack Trolley Cart, 3 Shelves, White

You need to think about what range of treatments you want to offer. How much are you are going to spend and are you going to be able to get your money back from the products and equipment consumed? What equipment do you need? When I first started my beauty business from home, I got carried away and bought so many kinds of stuff I didn’t need. I wasted so much money.😭😭😭 With many bad experiences, I got to learn about running my business from home, I started to reduce my expedite. Are you going to get business insurance?

Beauty Therapy: The Foundations, Level 2
7th Edition

Write a list of the treatments you are going to do and what equipments you will need. Get a few types of equipment to beginning with work use these few types of equipment for six months before buying loads more stuff; it will save you a lot of money and headache in the long run.

* What do you think about this article ‘What do you need to start your beauty business from home’? Please share your thoughts in the comments below. Thank you for your time and support. I look forward to reading your comments. *

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What is your ‘raison d’être’?

As my personal development journey evolves I find myself looking at other areas of my life.
Where else can I improve? What am I here for?
When my time is done, what impression would I like to leave? What do I want to be remembered by?
Don’t worry, I’m not going all hippy or anything. But I’m sure I’m not alone either in wondering what my life’s purpose is.

So what is our life’s purpose and how do we find it? Personally, I believe that to begin with, our actions (or what we do each day) must be aligned with our thoughts, our values and our aspirations. How many times have you heard that “if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life”? Well, that’s because when you love it you never feel like it is actually work. Many people who make a living from their passion are almost embarrassed to be compensated for it!

I bet most of you would put your hand up for that position but funnily enough many of us have not taken the time to work out what it is we love doing i.e. putting to one side all financial restrictions what would we be most happy doing with our time if we didn’t have to worry about keeping a roof over our heads?

How good would that feel to be paid to do something that you love to do rather than the drudgery of your 9 to 5 job?

Well, just like we do in our business’ we need to work out firstly what our vision is for our personal life, then decide on the strategy which will deliver this vision.


So what is our vision? It’s strange (and sad) how few of us have taken the time to determine our ideal world and the steps that need to be put in place to make it happen.

  • I would suggest creating a list of all the activities both at work and in your home life where time seems to fly by when you are doing them.
  • Now create a second list of the activities which have you looking at the clock every two minutes.
  • If the list of activities you hate (the clock looking one!) are those which generate your primary source of income then your actions are most likely maligned with your thoughts, passion & values.

Therefore I doubt that: 1) you can ever be happy in your current career 2) you can ever reach your potential if you remain on this path you are certainly not living your life’s purpose!

So what to do? Well now that you have worked out which activities you enjoy ask yourself if these are skills that you could use to generate sufficient income to replace the job above.

For example you might have a passion for fitness and find that others are always asking for your advice? You enjoy helping others so you decide to align your actions with your thoughts, values and aspirations. Enroll in a Diploma in Fitness and become a personal trainer!

Don’t be overwhelmed by the “how.” Instead just visualize the end goal, then break up the tasks to be done to achieve you vision into smaller daily and weekly chunks.

Make time daily when you can work towards your life purpose without distraction. I find 5am is the best time for me before life’s daily stresses give me an excuse not to work on them later.

And remember:

“The Difference Between Who You Are And Who You Want To Be Is What You Do

And What You Have To Do To Get Where You Want To Be

May Not Be Pretty Or May Not Come Easy…”

Johnny Maher

Anxiety & Addictive Behaviour Specialist

Business Productivity Consultant

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Health and Safety Work from Home

We often take it for granted when working from home the health and safety at work act 1974, I think anyone running a business needs to practice safely and to have some consideration for their clients who walking to in their home to receive service. As a beauty therapist, this is about knowing the possible risks to safety in your treatment room, what you need to do to prevent it from injuring yourself and your clients. Here are some of the things I still remember from when I was a beauty therapist student what we need to practice if an emergency happened while we were work in the college salon, we were told to always protect ourselves and others.

Buy it here

What we told was:
to take reasonable care to not cause injury to yourselves or other
learn the salon’s health and safety procedures and if you are working at home you can customs it (just search online the health and safety procedure)
support one another when it came to safety situation ( if you are working from home this will be with your clients)
to attend health and safety training (working at home; you can always watch videos online on health and safety that does cost a penny
read books or articles on health and safety to help you create a tailor-made health and safety procedure for yourself
Physical Safety at home
I lucky no accident has happened, but it’s always at the back of my mind that disaster can occur; this is not just when you are giving a treatment to a client, it can happen in your driveaway, your waxing or couch, handling your stock if you are selling stuff, moving furniture in you treatment room if you are like me. I tend to move my furniture around to give it a different feel, and I have accidentally pour waxing on my toes – not right. As a self-employed, you must make the treatment room as safe as possible to prevent physical injury.


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Hair Free Body Experience; Waxing

If you have any questions or want to share something about your waxing experience, feel free to share it on the comment below.
Somewhere in between childhood and our teenage years, we had very little concern about how our body hair would affect our confidence. We look at the gorgeous celebrities magazine photos laying on the sunbeds or wearing fabulous bikini or swimwear that we would love for just one second try on ourselves, but we have one big problem; for some of us, our body hair make us so conscious we avoid wearing specific outfit, the hair in our body for some may be very coarse and no matter how many times we shaving or how many times we use the hair removal creams it just grow back within a few days, the frustration leaves many us to not bother and wear clothes to avoid the embarrassment of showing off our beautiful bodies to our partners.

Before I started getting waxing, I was scared, but I couldn’t cope with the frustrated of having to shave my legs every few days and scratching the area I had cut. When I go for a waxing treatment for me it’s a therapeutic experience; I get to chat with my therapist and waxing is painful, yes but when I look at my smooth legs; I feel like a million-dollar lol the only drawback I have when it comes to waxing, was my dark skin complexion it is sometimes difficult for some therapist spot all the hairs that need removing, so when I get home to get cleaned up I sometimes spot some hairy bits, it’s what inspired me to focus waxing others with darker skin complexion.
Here is why waxing is one of the best ways to remove unwanted hair:
Waxing is an effective way to pull your unwanted hair from the roots which shaving, supermarket hair removal creams currently don’t, getting your unwanted hair waxed means that it would last longer than just a few days. I like I say to my clients the speed in which the hair will grow back will depend on each person and the area that they had waxed; generally speaking, your unwanted hair would grow back between 2 to 6 weeks.
In my opinion a few hours of waxing pain is totally worth it especially when you will be walking around hair-free for that long and it’s will boost your confidence when you go to the gym if you had chest hair removed and want to remove that t-shirt (guys) or wear a cute bikini by the pool (ladies) are better options than shaving every couple of days. When you wax your unwanted hair, it does a few things to your skin, it removes the top layer of dead skin cells which exfoliates and leaving your skin smooth.
I would love to say that waxing isn’t a permanent way to get rid of your unwanted hair, but I’m not a scientist all I can say is that your hair after serval waxing treatment would grow less than before.
If you have any questions or want to share something about your waxing experience, feel free to share it on the comment below.

Thank you for reading this blog


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What do you need to start your beauty business from home? Part 1

This blog post is a checklist of things that you need to start considering starting your beauty business at home.

Anyone, can start a beauty business from home, buy a couch and a few things from your local supermarkets but if you really want to set up a successful beauty business from your home after you have invested time and money at the beauty school than getting things right in the early stages of your business venture is very important.

I have been running my beauty business from home for many years; I qualified in 2005 as a waxing therapist and moved on to invest in training as a beauty specialist in 2007.

Massage Imperial® Deluxe Lightweight Ivory White 3-Section Portable Massage Table Couch Bed Reiki

Here are just a few the things I believe are essential for you to start your successful beauty business from home

  1. Suitable Room

When I first started offering treatment in my early days, I only treated women, and I had baby, so to me at the time, my spare bedroom was ideal, I was able to go check on baby sleeping next door, while my client will lay on the couch with face mask on or waiting for the nails to dry. As my business grows and I moved my business to our dining room as I started to accept both male and female, and I personally didn’t feel comfortable having men going upstairs. So, before you begin buying your equipment, you need to think very carefully about whether your home is the right places to work and if you will get complaints from your neighbours. If you are renting your home if your landlord will allow it? Will the equipment you need to fit in your treatment room?
My beauty room (dining room) is near my front door and the spare toilet. Ask yourself this question if you were your client, how would you feel when are you walking to this house to get your treatment? My front door and the small hallway are fundamental, no photos of my family, décor is natural. I have numbered the doors in my house so my clients know which room they can enter, and which are forbidden.
It is easy for a client to ask to use the toilet and go opening various doors before finding the right one.
After you have sorted out which room you will use for your treatments. In my personal experience keep that room separate and only for treatments will make your life a lot easier than what I have heard other therapists do; using the treatment rooms a living spaces once they finished with their treatments by flooding the treatments couch, put the procedures produces away this arrangement doesn’t always work well, and it’s frustrating especially if you have clients and can’t find the nail polishes or the body massage cream because one of your family members has borrowed without your knowledge. Your new treatment room must remain in a treatment room if you’re serious about your business adventure. And keep it private and tell your family, especially kids, that they can’t just wander in the treatment to grab stuff. I work during school hours and finish when my kids finish school so I can do my school runs. My kids know that the beauty room is not allowed unless they ask for permission to get something they really need. I’m lucky that I have three toilets in my home, so one is for my clients and visitors; you need to work out if you have toilet facilities.
The next important thing is what’s your area like; do you need the beauty treatments you’re going to offer? Do you see any competition from other therapist and salons?


Thank you, and I look forward to reading your comments and don’t forget to read part 2 of this article.