This blog was created to share helpful advice on beauty, fashion and above all the wellbeing of parents who struggle with mental health issues whilst doing their best to build a positive lifestyle for their children. It is important that these folk feels supported and cared for whilst battling depression and other matters on a daily basis.
Bringing up children is a difficult enough task as it is, but to do it with the burden of depression and other problems is doubly difficult. When we are in a vulnerable state we see things differently from others. Hopefully, this blog will encourage you to see things through fresh eyes, support you emotionally and help you to look after yourself physically.
If we can achieve that together it will be the gift of yourself to your children. Enjoy the reading and don’t forget to share it. What Have I Done?: 2020’s must read memoir about motherhood and mental health


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  1. Excellent website which was very easy to navigate. I found the advice provided useful. I especially loved the article about organising your wardrobe. I would definitely recommend this website and the product prices are reasonably priced

    1. Gaynor thank you so much for your feedback. I really appreciate it😊

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