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Sonia – I will see you again

I was 21 years old when I moved to Leeds. I had no friends, I was penniless, and I didn’t know anybody in Leeds. I questioned the wisdom of my move and cried for many nights. I struck lucky when a recruitment agency got a full- time admin job for me at Leeds Magistrate Court.

Sonia and the mouse

The job was temporary, but it gave me hope that things would improve for me in my new location.

I used to walk to work every morning and back home every evening. As I walked home one evening, I saw someone walking their dog, and I thought ‘why don’t I get a dog to keep me company?’ So one Saturday I went to the nearest RSPCA to adopt a dog. When I got there I asked, ‘where do I leave the dog when I am at work so they don’t get too lonely?’ They gave me some useful advice, but just as I was being taken to choose a dog I spotted where they kept the cats. I was curious, so I asked if I could see the cats first. There was one there missing a back paw, another without an eye, and two healthy ones. I told the person who was showing me around that I wasn’t a cat person, I was just curious. I had never been allowed to have cats at home, and I was rather fearful of them. When they came close for me to stroke them, I was petrified. But one of the cats wasn’t interested, she was walking in the opposite direction from the others. I asked if cats needed a lot of maintenance, and was told ‘no’. So without a second thought I picked up the cat who showed no interest in me and she became mine. I named her Sonia. When I was young my best friend was called Sonia; my friend wasn’t a follower, she was a leader and that is how I saw my cat. Independent and strong, and I liked that.

Sonia just passed away

When I took Sonia home for the first time, I put milk in a bowl and tuna to encourage her to come out of the carry- cage. When she finally came out she looked at me and that was the first time we looked at each other. Then she did the most amazing thing, she laid on her back so I could stroke her tummy. I was still fearful at this point, but I did it anyway. She got up, came to me and I carried her little body and placed her near her bowls so she could eat and drink. Sonia was just three- years- old. From that day on we were inseparable. She slept in bed with me, and I spoiled her as if she was my child. When my ex-husband proposed to me, I asked him to propose to my Sonia as well. I said if she meows then I will marry you. If she doesn’t then there’s no marriage. Luckily

My kids saying goodbye to Sonia

she did, and we did get married, and I have three wonderful children from the marriage. Sonia knew all my children.
This February (2020) I knew in my heart and soul that she was leaving us. I was advised that the kindest thing would be to take her to the vets. I made appointments but kept cancelling them. Many years earlier I had a very vivid dream that Sonia and I were watching television. She meowed, sat on my lap and breathed her last.


So every time I booked a vet’s appointment I felt guilty, and that I was breaking the dream. I am glad I cancelled those vet’s appointments because on February 17th  2020 at 7:29pm Sonia and I were watching a movie called ‘ Blood and Bones’ on Amazon together. She was lying next to me when she died peacefully and naturally. She is buried in my garden. I want to say ‘ thank you, Sonia, for the great memories we shared.’
And that is why I have written this post.


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2 thoughts on “Sonia – I will see you again

  1. I’m bawling my eyes out over here in America at 4:40 am. I’m so sorry for your loss. The loss of a pet is devastating. I, too, was raised to fear and hate cats. I love them now and even though we have been a house rabbit family for 20+ years, I see a cat (and bunnies) in our future. I have a whole blog post planned (but not written) about how I was raised to dislike cats. Currently, we welcomed back to our porch a neighborhood cat named Bob who loves to roam the neighborhood. We don’t really “know” his humans, but we know how to reach them and we’ve met them once. He comes and hangs out for days, but we can’t let him in because of our bunny. Anyway, rambling here. Nice post. Clearly Sonia and you were destined for each other. I hope, when the time is right, there are more cats in your future.

    1. Thank you 😊. Yes, believe you are right Sonia and I were destined for sure. I’m still undecided whether to get another cat. We had Sonia our cat and then we adopted a dog called Molly and then guinea pigs who is no longer with us, when the other pets were gone we always found comfort that Sonia was still with us, it hurt a lot less than when Sonia passed away. Our goldfish are still with us. I hope you continue to enjoy Bob. Cats are beautiful creatures. I will have to read more of your blogs; my kids have tried to get me to adopts some Rabbit. Thank you again

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