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Writing a Business Plan

When I started The Little African Beauty Room, I went to a one-day free business starter course.
We were advised to write a draft for our business plan. Instead of drafting one, I thought, ‘why not just go with the flow,’ the number of mistakes and heartaches I experienced getting clients through the doors and my business off the ground made me wonder what would have happened if I didn’t avoid writing that business plan. Looking back, on that training day, I know I had experienced the entrepreneur’s block; the frustration and lack of being able to generate any ideas for the business plan. Hence my business draft wasn’t written, I wrote stuff down, but it didn’t make sense to the tutor or me. As the years rolled by, I got involved in reading materials from Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Napoleon Hill and other successful business entrepreneurs. I learned from them how to set personal and business goals; Brian Tracy made it so simple, he said to get a piece of paper and write down ten goals you want to achieve within the next 12months. You can write the things you want to see happening in your personal or business life; the way I write my goals for my business is making a shopping list. I write them down in no particular old everything I needed to do for that day; like change bin or book three clients. If I can’t complete the task I gave myself for that day, I will turn it into the end of the week kind of challenge, and my main title for my shopping list is the main focus of what I want to accomplish by the end of the year. And every time I achieve on that list gets ticks off. I write down my main goal in easy to read format that even my eight years old son can learn it and explain it to me. It’s not long sentences; it was just a word or one small sentence. Although the title on my sheet for my main goal is 12month one, I only write one or two goals down every day. Since I stopped me feeling overwhelmed, and it’s made it enjoyable to write down what I want to accomplish. I memorise my list, and I do my must to achieve them.



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