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How to turn your website into an income stream

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Being self-employed has its pros and cons; when you run a real business. The advantages for my beauty business are that I can work around my family, I get to take my kids to school and collect them after school, make breakfast for them in the morning and cook dinner for when they finish school. I get to do some house chores, groceries shopping and have one or two clients in between.

The cons are that being self-employed can sometimes mean going through days, weeks or even months without making any money. This can be very depressing, especially if you’re a single parent. I was searching for part-time job in the ‘real world’ all my efforts of completing countless applications form; resulted in rejection letters ‘we are sorry unfortunately you were not selected at this time because there were many other applicants who had currently work experience’ being self-employed for years counts as not working in today’s job market I’m guessing. So, I had to look for other income stream methods that allowed me the freedom to work my hours and keep my beauty business and the lifestyle my children are used too. That’s when I came across Affiliate Marketing (… and affiliate links). I read about it and watched some YouTube videos, and I thought I had cracked it but let me tell you to make an extra income online isn’t easy.
There are so much you need to learn for example you need to get a domain name, find a web host where you can create your blog or website and when you think you have very sorted with your domain, blog or website you do it up lovely and then you need to look for companies that would pay you to recommend their services or products,
You will go through a lot of online searching to find companies that don’t charge and copying and pasting Html codes you receive onto your blog or website otherwise you will only get frustrated that your web host doesn’t have the facility that would allow you to promote these products and services.

So, you will probably move from web host to web host as I did in the past until I came here on WordPress where I was able to monetise my website without too much trouble. If you are looking to monetise your blog or website, make sure you research your affiliate marketing thoroughly and find out in advance if the company you are interested in promoting that their Html code will work with the web host of your choice.
Most of them I found would ask you to upgrade your hosting package to allow you to put affiliate marketing Html codes from other companies. Making money from your blog or website isn’t going to be easy, but you need to perceive and, in the end, you will achieve your goal, it will be worth it.
Here are two affiliate marketing companies that been around for years, there are natural and its excellent starting point for beginners:
You earn a commission on the products that you promote your website or blog.

Commission junction
They have big organisations like retail, top motivation speakers, marketing and more. Once you have chosen the type organisation you want to promote you get Html code that you paste on your website and the code will change to the image of the products you are going to improve once you save and publish your site. So, your visitors don’t get to see any codes.


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