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Hair Free Body Experience; Waxing

If you have any questions or want to share something about your waxing experience, feel free to share it on the comment below.
Somewhere in between childhood and our teenage years, we had very little concern about how our body hair would affect our confidence. We look at the gorgeous celebrities magazine photos laying on the sunbeds or wearing fabulous bikini or swimwear that we would love for just one second try on ourselves, but we have one big problem; for some of us, our body hair make us so conscious we avoid wearing specific outfit, the hair in our body for some may be very coarse and no matter how many times we shaving or how many times we use the hair removal creams it just grow back within a few days, the frustration leaves many us to not bother and wear clothes to avoid the embarrassment of showing off our beautiful bodies to our partners.

Before I started getting waxing, I was scared, but I couldn’t cope with the frustrated of having to shave my legs every few days and scratching the area I had cut. When I go for a waxing treatment for me it’s a therapeutic experience; I get to chat with my therapist and waxing is painful, yes but when I look at my smooth legs; I feel like a million-dollar lol the only drawback I have when it comes to waxing, was my dark skin complexion it is sometimes difficult for some therapist spot all the hairs that need removing, so when I get home to get cleaned up I sometimes spot some hairy bits, it’s what inspired me to focus waxing others with darker skin complexion.
Here is why waxing is one of the best ways to remove unwanted hair:
Waxing is an effective way to pull your unwanted hair from the roots which shaving, supermarket hair removal creams currently don’t, getting your unwanted hair waxed means that it would last longer than just a few days. I like I say to my clients the speed in which the hair will grow back will depend on each person and the area that they had waxed; generally speaking, your unwanted hair would grow back between 2 to 6 weeks.
In my opinion a few hours of waxing pain is totally worth it especially when you will be walking around hair-free for that long and it’s will boost your confidence when you go to the gym if you had chest hair removed and want to remove that t-shirt (guys) or wear a cute bikini by the pool (ladies) are better options than shaving every couple of days. When you wax your unwanted hair, it does a few things to your skin, it removes the top layer of dead skin cells which exfoliates and leaving your skin smooth.
I would love to say that waxing isn’t a permanent way to get rid of your unwanted hair, but I’m not a scientist all I can say is that your hair after serval waxing treatment would grow less than before.
If you have any questions or want to share something about your waxing experience, feel free to share it on the comment below.

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