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What do you need to start your beauty business from home?

This blog post is a checklist of things that you need to start considering starting your beauty business at home.

Anyone, can start a beauty business from home, buy a couch and a few things from your local supermarkets but if you really want to set up a successful beauty business from your home after you have invested time and money at the beauty school than getting things right in the early stages of your business venture is very important.

I have been running my beauty business from home for many years; I qualified in 2005 as a waxing therapist and moved on to invest in training as a beauty specialist in 2007.

Here are just a few the things I believe are essential for you to start your successful beauty business from home

  1. Suitable Room

When I first started offering treatment in my early days, I only treated women, and I had baby, so to me at the time, my spare bedroom was ideal, I was able to go check on baby sleeping next door, while my client will lay on the couch with face mask on or waiting for the nails to dry. As my business grows and I moved my business to our dining room as I started to accept both male and female, and I personally didn’t feel comfortable having men going upstairs. So, before you begin buying your equipment, you need to think very carefully about whether your home is the right places to work and if you will get complaints from your neighbours. If you are renting your home if your landlord will allow it? Will the equipment you need to fit in your treatment room?
My beauty room (dining room) is near my front door and the spare toilet. Ask yourself this question if you were your client, how would you feel when are you walking to this house to get your treatment? My front door and the small hallway are fundamental, no photos of my family, décor is natural. I have numbered the doors in my house so my clients know which room they can enter, and which are forbidden.
It is easy for a client to ask to use the toilet and go opening various doors before finding the right one.
After you have sorted out which room you will use for your treatments. In my personal experience keep that room separate and only for treatments will make your life a lot easier than what I have heard other therapists do; using the treatment rooms a living spaces once they finished with their treatments by flooding the treatments couch, put the procedures produces away this arrangement doesn’t always work well, and it’s frustrating especially if you have clients and can’t find the nail polishes or the body massage cream because one of your family members has borrowed without your knowledge. Your new treatment room must remain in a treatment room if you’re serious about your business adventure. And keep it private and tell your family, especially kids, that they can’t just wander in the treatment to grab stuff. I work during school hours and finish when my kids finish school so I can do my school runs. My kids know that the beauty room is not allowed unless they ask for permission to get something they really need. I’m lucky that I have three toilets in my home, so one is for my clients and visitors; you need to work out if you have toilet facilities.
The next important thing is what’s your area like; do you need the beauty treatments you’re going to offer? Do you see any competition from other therapist and salons?

2: Think about the procedure you’re going to offer.
I offer to wax, massage mainly because these are the treatments that my clients book me the most. In my area, not many female therapists do waxing treatments to male clients for me; it’s no problem, so I do get more male clients for waxing.
I hear a lot of clients telling me about the experience of going for a waxing treatment, and they believed after attending their appointment that the therapist wasn’t qualified. Think about what qualifications you have? What treatment you would enjoy doing over and over. Waxing and massage treatments are what I enjoy doing so I don’t do many manicures, pedicure or other treatments I was trained to do at the beauty school. I know these plenties of nail salons in my area and other high-tech salons so competing with them on treatments that weren’t my strength wasn’t going to produce for me. I tried when I first got into the beauty world, and the frustration wasn’t worth it. It’s going to be your business try to make as enjoyable as you can, and that alone will motivate you in the long run.

You need to think about what range of treatments you want to offer. How much are you are going to spend and are you going to be able to get your money back from the products and equipment consumed? What equipment do you need? When I first started my beauty business from home, I got carried away and bought so many kinds of stuff I didn’t need. I wasted so much money.😭😭😭 With many bad experiences, I got to learn about running my business from home, I started to reduce my expedite. Are you going to get business insurance?

Write a list of the treatments you are going to do and what equipments you will need. Get a few types of equipment to beginning with work use these few types of equipment for six months before buying loads more stuff; it will save you a lot of money and headache in the long run.

Good luck on your new business and leave your comments below or any suggestions that I have covered on this blog post.

Thank you, and I look forward to reading your comments




  1. Just wanted to say thank you, for all those who have liked this article. If you have any comments please feel free to add them on the comment box.

  2. Very inspiring! I have such a period now that I want to start all over again … and work for myself! Thank you for sharing your experience!

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