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The Little African Beauty Room 

A notebook for single parents.

 First, an introduction. My name is Ines Newell. I have been a single mum of three for 6 years now. I’m originally from Angola, Africa. I was very young when I left the place of my birth, and, sadly, although I can still understand Portuguese (the official language of Angola) I have lost the ability to speak that beautiful language. However, in return, I am now fluent in English and speak French well.

 I love being a mum, I love being a home-maker, I love being part of a family, I love being part of a community and I love fashion.

I trained as a beauty therapist and worked from home under the brand name  The Little African Beauty Room.

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I closed my business in December 2019. I intended to revamp The Little African Beauty Room as a place of advice concerning itself with fashion and style, but I have listened to my heart and I know that writing about all aspects of life as a single parent is what makes me happy.  I want to make my blog posts as helpful as possible to you , so please leave your comments, and if there are relevant topics you would me to write about please do not hesitate to suggest them.


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  1. Congratulations, Ines!

    I have nominated your blog for the Real Neat Blog Award.

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    1. Thank you Petrel41, I’m curious to why you nominated The Little African Beauty Room?🙂

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