The Little African Beauty Room is about removing barriers and helping you achieve maximum results. This may be something as simple as taking control of excessive facial or body hair or learning to deal with the challenges you face as a single parent or learning a new language and making it your own.

As a qualified beauty therapist, a teacher in the adult lifelong learning sector and a life coach.

I enjoy helping single parents and their children meet with other families in similar situations to socialise together and become a community. I have also found great pleasure in helping International students and individuals who want to speak fluent English and improve their reading skills.

The service I provide, I provide from the heart. When I came to England, I didn’t know a single word of English, but with dedication and perseverance I reached the point where most people think I was born here.

As a single mother of three, I struggled to take my kids away on outings alone. Life wasn’t going in the direction my children and I wanted. Not having family around I felt isolated and my children didn’t have other children to play or socialise with outside the school premises.

So in 2016, I started hosting mother and children groups at my home where single mums and their children would come to my home, bring food and drinks and we would all share.  The children loved it.

So now I have started a mixed  group where single dads and mums can meet and take part in fun activities with their children.

If any of the above speaks to a need in your life please email me on


Thank you for your interest and time.

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Best wishes

Ines Newell